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The Lost Luggage Porters:

The Lollipop Patrol:

Team Lollipop:

The Temperance Society:

The Temperance Society at Christmas:

Busy Lizzy:

Winter Rose:

The Meadow Sprites:

The Winter Sprites:

Imperial War Museum:

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The Lost Luggage Porters:

WoW 2008- Windermere Train Station
(photos by Sharon Tait)

The Lost Luggage Porters - Streets of Brighton

The Lost Luggage Porters - Birmingham Childrens Hospital

The Lost Luggage Porters - Liverpool Streets Alive

The Lost Luggage Porters - Mintfest, Kendal (photos by Sharon Tait)


The Lost Luggage Porters -Garden of Delights, Manchester

The Lost Luggage Porters - Sheffield Snooker Festival

The Lost Luggage Porters - Worcester Festival

The Lost Luggage Porters - Pier Head, Liverpool, 2010 (photos by Ric Taylor & Anoushka Jackson)

The Lost Luggage Porters - Worcester

The Lollipop Patrol

The Lollipop Patrol- The Art Car Parade, Manchester (Photos by Paul Hermann)

The Lollipop Patrol- The Garden of Delights, Manchester

The Lollipop Patrol-Glastonbury Festival

The Lollipop Patrol - Streets of Brighton Festival

The Lollipop Patrol - V Festival

The Lollipop Patrol - Worcester
Street Festival

The Lollipop Patrol - Platt Fields

Team Lollipop - General Images

Team Lollipop - Olympic Torch Relay, Huddersfield

The Temperance Society

Platt Fields

The Temperance Society - General Images

Temperance Society - Christmas Images General

The Temperance Society - Mintfest, 2011

The Temperance Society - Rhythm and Blues Festival, Skipton

The Temperance Society - Festival of Light, Huddersfield, 2011

Busy Lizzy:

Sandwell Arts Festival

Albert Dock, Liverpool, 2010 (photos by Ric Taylor)

Busy Lizzy - Big Picnic, 2010 (photos by Ric Taylor)

Busy Lizzy - Publicity Shots, 2010 (photos by Ric Taylor & V Burdis)

Busy Lizzy - Mintfest 2010

Busy Lizzy - RHS Cardiff

Busy Lizzy - West Bromwich Event

Winter Rose:

Braintree & Ipswich Christmas Markets

Marketing Images

General Images

Winter Rose - Whinfell Centre, Centre Parcs, Penrith

Winter Rose - Yuletide Festival, Skipton

Winter Rose - Ipswich Yuletide Market

Photographs by James Ager

The Meadow Sprites:

Publicity Shots, 2015:

Meadow Sprites Encounters:

The Winter Sprites:

Lamplighter Festival

Photographs by Craig Shaw

Winterlight Festival

Photographs by Craig Shaw


Chester Gig

Imperial War Museum:

1940's Housewife, 2012

WWII Evacuee, 2012

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