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Curious Cargo can provide a range of creative interventions/shows/workshops for your consultation needs. Our artist team has a vast range of skills, experience & knowledge from delivering arts interventions nationally & internationally. For information on previous bespoke consultation projects see below, or contact us directly to discuss your specific requirements .

"As a project funder I was able to work alongside Tess during 10 community workshops which she facilitated, Tess was great to work with and her abilty to deliver to a wide range of participants all of different ages and abilities really impressed me. I would work with Tess again and I am grateful to her for passing on some of her skills to me as the project moved on". Michael Clarke, Lake District World Heritage Project.

Lakes Alive- 'Welcoming The World' Consultation Project

'Welcoming the World' was part of Lakes Alive, a season of outdoor arts and performance events throughout Cumbria. The flag project aimed to bring local community groups together to create a visual spectacle of 100 flags. Curious Cargo facilitated the consultation stage of this project in which the community groups explored what kind of images and messages (about Cumbria) they wanted to portray to the wider world in the run-up to the Olympics in 2012. We used a range of creative games & processes throughout the 'exploration process'. The information gathered during these consultation workshops informed the next stage of the project in which the groups created their flag designs.

Photos by Alison Barnes
Photos by Alison Barnes

Netherton Children's Centre Consultation Project

A Creative Partnerships Consultation Project involving a residency with a team of artists: Curious Cargo's Tess Hills as visual artist, working in collaboration with dancer & project manager Peppy Hills & writer Peter Cann. The team of artists were commissioned to consult with all users of the centre (children, parents, staff, board of governors etc) to gather people's thoughts/feelings regarding the rapid rate of growth that the centre had undergone in the last 5 years, and what people's hopes and dreams were for the centre's future. The creative team used a range of visual & performance art techniques to engage with the client group. Findings where fed-back to the centre through an 'experiential' day where actors where employed to present monologues in various settings throughout the centre, (the client group would 'just' happen upon them), visual art installations, projections, soundscapes, environment changes etc.

Queen Elizabeth Hospital - Young People's Cancer Ward

Project managers at Craft Space Touring, Birmingham, brought in Curious Cargo to conduct a one-day consultation process using a variety of creative interventions to gather thoughts & feedback. The QE Hospital was planning a major over-haul of the relaxation & recreation spaces within the Young People's Cancer Ward and wanted a full & frank consultation with the young people who were on the ward.

Regeneration of Ordsall - OCA Consultation Project

Ordsall (in Salford) underwent a extensive urban regeneration making significant environmental & infrastructure changes to the local area. Local organisation 'Ordsall Community Arts' teamed up with property developer LCP Living to canvas opinion & feedback from local people. The vehicle for this, (quite literally a trolley made by Pif Paf Arts!), was a creative consultation project which went out & about on the streets of Ordsall. Curious Cargo was commissioned to make the 3D interactive consulation tool as shown in the images.

Sustainable Schools Conference Consultation Project

Two performers, both in character: one dressed as a tree (Ric Taylor) the other a gardener (Tess Hills), asked people to fill up the Feedback Tree because it had no leaves or fruit. The question asked was dependent on the fate of the apples being juggled - whichever fruit/question that was chosen/caught by the particpant, was the one to be answered. The brief for this commission was the need to focus on people's personal feelings about the day's content, and the way forward - an overall 'temperature gauge' of the conference.

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